Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Changing directions...

I've been thinking over the last few weeks about this blog, and what I want from it. It initially started as a way for me to try to connect with other new working mothers, to decide what my place in the world was, because there were so many changes in my life at the time, all within a few years- divorce and the inevitable changing identities/moving/moving on, figuring out things on my own by buying my own house, dating, graduating from residency to be an attending psychiatrist, getting married again, starting a family, moving across country...While connecting with working mothers is always good, I've been thinking that I'd like to use my blog to connect with others that are interested in some of the same things as me. I've been reading some magazines about art journals and blogs, by Stampington and Company- in particular, Artful Blogging, and have been inspired by them. I'll definitely need to work on my photography! I've also been inspired by the blogs Life in GraceMaybe Matilda, and House of Humble, and would like to consider something that reminds me of the way I feel when I read these blogs- awed by the emotional depth, courage and faith of Edie Wadsworth (can't wait for her book!), amused by the humor and inspired by the style and practicality of Rachel Brown, and IN LOVE with the lifestyle and writing of Katie and Reuben.

So, let's talk about knitting, genealogy, books, and life. I know, weird. I've lost you. The Rome trip and photos that were on my blog before were a lot more fun. Probably so. But Rome isn't a reality with a two year old and a nine-month old right now.  And living my day to day life in a way that is fulfilling and connects with others is my goal these days.

I've been learning how to knit for the last year, but have been picking up the pace more recently. I finished a new scarf for Nate, my husband, and am starting work on this Pam Powers ruched scarf in a soft gray wool for myself. I'm a little worried about messing it up (Mom, help!) but figure that I can frog it if needed. I'll post photos of the scarf for Nate after I block it and make him model it for me. I have a account if anyone is interested in connecting. My user name is lisayoung57.

I'm reading Louise Penny's new book, The Long Way Home. The Armand Gamache series is AMAZING. She keeps getting better and better, and I actually was afraid to finish the last book for fear she might kill off the main character, Gamache. Don't read the next line if you hate spoilers! Fortunately, she didn't, but I'm already grieving that I'm 11% through the book on my Kindle and I know the book will end, and it will take two more years for the next book. The language is so beautiful, and I love the characters. Plus, now I want to visit Quebec in the worst way, like I want to visit freezing cold Ystad to see where Henning Mankell's Wallander series is set. My poor husband, right?! Hurry up and write the next book, Ms. Penny! And don't kill off Gamache (please)!

Anyway, thanks for bearing with me. The next posts will be more focused, I swear. Well, at least as focused as I ever get. I'll have some changes to the blog format in the coming weeks to make the posts easier to sort out in terms of subject matter.