Sunday, December 2, 2012

Teething- every two months?! Put me out of my misery, now, please!

I had no idea teething was going to be so painful- for Nate and I, not the baby. We had THREE days of sleeping through the night (8 pm to 2 or 3 am, then back to sleep until it's time to wake up to get dressed for day care), and then this awful tooth poked through his bottom gumline. I can't see it because he won't let me, but I can feel a sharp little nub there, and he's chewing on me when I feed him. The only thing that makes him happy is walking with him (mostly through Target or dangling nearly upside down while Nate walks through the house), driving in the car with the sunroof open, or about the first 30 seconds of playing. Then, baby break-down. We drove today, despite the weather consisting of frank rain and some sprinkling, and as long as it wasn't pouring, we had the sunroof down. I swear, this baby rules the house.

And then tomorrow, back to work. I'm working on developing that thick skin, and making a lasting contribution while I'm here- but at the same time, I wonder, isn't it ok to do a good job for the patients and do my best at the admin stuff, and then just go home for the day? I keep hearing the last guy had to be told to eat lunch, to go home at the end of the day (late) and came in on weekends. What could he possibly be doing on weekends? I'm done with all my notes, and caught up with email, and working on projects in the down time. What else should I be doing?

Wednesday is going to be awful. That's when our appointment to put Godiva to sleep is scheduled. I always dreaded this day, and now it's come. I wonder if I'll have the courage to have a dog again. I know that all life is change, and he is JUST a dog. But he's a great dog, and one I've loved for almost 14 years...Better go, so I can make him some bacon to put in his dog bowl tonight. We're giving him something special every day until then.


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